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2019-06-17 07:55:31 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: ok just got back from my walk and doin the trash need more coffee
2019-06-17 08:08:16 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Forgot to mention, I got a nice 18V Dewalt sawzall for Father's
2019-06-17 08:08:18 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: day!
2019-06-17 08:14:09 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: cool!
2019-06-17 17:38:07 EDT: K9MLD>KC9EGS: going to just leave it for now. Maybe the antenna I was using
2019-06-17 17:38:21 EDT: K9MLD>KC9EGS: wasn't what I needed.
2019-06-17 18:32:01 EDT: KC9EGS>K9MLD: test
2019-06-17 18:32:55 EDT: KC9EGS>K9MLD: well I got an ack quick must be workin
2019-06-17 18:33:33 EDT: KC9EGS>K9MLD: yup 2 in a row
2019-06-18 07:45:44 EDT: KC9GSK>KC9EGS: good morning
2019-06-18 07:46:44 EDT: KC9GSK>KC9EGS: good morning
2019-06-18 08:33:04 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: gm
2019-06-18 09:02:20 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: gm, just got the critters fed and setting down for a BLT
2019-06-18 09:03:10 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: ok
2019-06-18 09:03:55 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: 1/4" of rain and skeeters are closing in again. Deb texted me she
2019-06-18 09:04:20 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: saw a large bear on Hwy 13 this morning not far from our place.
2019-06-18 09:04:42 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: And believe it or not, hit a deer on the way home last nite, right
2019-06-18 09:05:07 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: in town across from weathershield on 13, stinker ran out in front
2019-06-18 09:05:41 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: of me and I bumped his rear end, hit the brakes and knocked him
2019-06-18 09:06:04 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: for a loop, he managed to get across and by the time I turned
2019-06-18 09:06:36 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: around to see it was off the road and over in one of the truck
2019-06-18 09:06:49 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: lots on the west side. Hope he is ok
2019-06-18 09:07:00 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Not a mark on the truck
2019-06-18 09:07:02 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: any damage?
2019-06-18 09:07:12 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: good for you
2019-06-18 09:07:55 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Lots of deer in town this year
2019-06-18 09:08:18 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: never know where or when a deer will show up
2019-06-18 09:08:47 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Amazing how they come out of nowhere
2019-06-18 09:10:45 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: yep they do that
2019-06-18 09:12:50 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: how is the puter project goin?
2019-06-18 09:13:33 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Haven't had time to work on it , sitting in the front porch
2019-06-18 09:14:07 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: running, need to pick up a new USB flash drive with about 2GB of
2019-06-18 09:14:19 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: ok no problem was curious the kids come home next tuesday and will
2019-06-18 09:14:29 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: space so I can transfer files to and save. Will pick up at
2019-06-18 09:14:31 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: be here till 10 of july
2019-06-18 09:15:08 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Walmart when I stop in this week
2019-06-18 09:15:36 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: my bill is gettin bigger!! hihi
2019-06-18 09:16:25 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Naw,,,having fun with this stuff, HI HI
2019-06-18 09:17:02 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: well I hope so I don't have the patience or the skill for it
2019-06-18 09:19:11 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: have to admit I just did not try to keep up with that stuff
2019-06-18 09:19:58 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Don't feel bad, never used Win10 yet and Win7 is going oout the
2019-06-18 09:20:04 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: door for support
2019-06-18 09:20:32 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Time to clean up my mess in the kitchen...cul
2019-06-18 09:20:38 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: I know and win 10 is a piece of trash in my opinion and many
2019-06-18 09:21:13 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: others say the same thing win 7 is great as was xp microsoft
2019-06-18 09:21:48 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: should have to keep 7 alive as far as I am concerned it is just a
2019-06-18 09:22:03 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: money game forcing us to buy new
2019-06-18 09:22:37 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: ok 73 cul
2019-06-18 10:11:04 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9GSK: gm Jay
2019-06-18 10:11:34 EDT: KC9EGS>K9MLD: gm Joel
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