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2019-06-13 10:06:44 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: was cool 39 for a low
2019-06-13 10:06:55 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Holding tank alarm went off last nite, time to pump again
2019-06-13 10:07:35 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: I got a notice from the county I have to get my septic tank pumped
2019-06-13 10:07:42 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: this year
2019-06-13 10:08:01 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: They don't miss a thing!
2019-06-13 10:08:43 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: sure don't every 2 years has to be done
2019-06-13 10:10:03 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: I am required to maintain a contract with a licensed disposal and
2019-06-13 10:10:42 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: if I change to a different one they know that too...
2019-06-13 10:11:24 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: well the pumper outfits are licensed by the state and have to play
2019-06-13 10:11:29 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: by the rules
2019-06-13 10:12:08 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Next door they have a regular septic and have never seen it pumped
2019-06-13 10:12:20 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: in the four years we have been here
2019-06-13 10:13:23 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: Onieda county zoning office stays on top of all the sanitary
2019-06-13 10:13:52 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: permits and runs a tight ship but if one did not file a permit
2019-06-13 10:13:53 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Only a couple rhubarb shoots came up this year, doesn't make
2019-06-13 10:13:59 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: would stay under the radar
2019-06-13 10:14:15 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: sense, should have a whole bunch by now
2019-06-13 10:15:00 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: mine is very thick same transplants as I gave you
2019-06-13 10:16:31 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: maybe not getting enough sun?
2019-06-13 10:18:40 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Plenty of sun, wonder if it is too wet? had lots of water run thru
2019-06-13 10:19:15 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: the yard this spring, but is alongside the east side of the garage
2019-06-13 10:19:32 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: and thought it would be a good place to grow.
2019-06-13 10:20:15 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: maybe lookup on the inet there are some sites for rhubarb info
2019-06-13 10:20:20 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: that I have seen
2019-06-13 10:20:51 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Doggies getting rowdy, time to go outside...ltr
2019-06-13 10:21:09 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: yep I need to get a move on too 73
2019-06-14 10:12:45 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: gm
2019-06-14 10:14:26 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: gm, watckhing a John Wayne movie called sea chase. Got to head in
2019-06-14 10:15:05 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: to wally world in a bit. raining slow but steady
2019-06-14 10:23:51 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: yea a few sprinkles here too
2019-06-14 13:34:21 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: 1 1/2" of rain so far, getting ready for work, have to work tmw too
2019-06-14 14:09:11 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: more than here have a good one
2019-06-15 00:20:41 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: 2' total rain when I got home tonite
2019-06-15 07:26:40 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: 1.31 in of rain here
2019-06-15 09:13:01 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: gm
2019-06-15 11:58:24 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: gm, off to work, back around 7 PM 73's
2019-06-15 11:58:39 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: have a good one 73
2019-06-15 22:21:51 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: late out of the gate tonite, we got Mr Bently groomed and just
2019-06-15 22:21:54 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: [AA] will reply if I am at the keyboard
2019-06-15 22:22:16 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: setting down to supper, smoked Pork chocps and tater salad!
2019-06-15 22:22:18 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: [AA] will reply if I am at the keyboard
2019-06-16 06:28:49 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: gm, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
2019-06-16 06:28:51 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: [AA] will reply if I am at the keyboard
2019-06-16 06:29:13 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: happy father's day!
2019-06-16 06:29:39 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: your up early
2019-06-16 06:50:30 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Dogs got an early start this morning...go figure!
2019-06-16 06:50:58 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: just like kids
2019-06-16 06:51:10 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: Yup!
2019-06-16 06:59:36 EDT: KC9EGS>KC9EGR-10: back on later goin for my mornin walk
2019-06-16 07:02:46 EDT: KC9EGR-10>KC9EGS: RR
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